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Sie sind hier: Startseite EbM EVENTS Veranstaltungskalender Causal Inference in Observational Studies and Clinical Trials Affected by Treatment Switching

Causal Inference in Observational Studies and Clinical Trials Affected by Treatment Switching

A Practical Hands-on Workshop

Was Workshop
Wann 27.03.2017 to
Wo Hall i.T., Österreich
AnsprechpartnerIn Caroline Steigenberger, MPH
Telefon +43 50-8648-3901
Teilnehmer The course is aimed at members of: Healthcare & health policy organizations, national HTA agencies, Regulatory agencies (EMA, FDA, etc.), Pharmaceutical & medical device industry, Academia and research institutions, Health insurances/sickness funds, Consultancy organizations

The workshop combines lectures, discussions, exercises, and hands-on computer lab sessions in the key elements and methods of Causal Inference and covers the following subjects:

  • Concepts and methods of causality, counterfactuals and causal inference
  • Framing and interpreting causal research questions
  • The use of causal diagrams (directed acyclic graphs, DAGs)
  • The paradigmatic shift from traditional statistical analysis to causal analysis and the difference between naive methods and causal methods
  • Adjustment for fixed and time-varying confounding and treatment switching/adherence
  • The use of causal methods (g-formula, inverse probability weighting with marginal structural models, g-estimation with structural nested models)
  • Applying publicly available software to case examples
  • Programming analyses in STATA for marginal structural models (MSM) and rank-preserving structural failure time models (RPSFTM)
  • How to identify the appropriate adjustment method
  • Recommendations and guidelines on adjustment methods


Course Pre-requisites:

This is an introductory course. A pre-requisite is basic knowledge of biostatistics. Some knowledge of statistical software is helpful. Course language is English. Computer examples will be programmed in STATA.

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