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Defining the Value of Medical Interventions. Normative and Empirical Challenges

International Conference for young scholars

Was Konferenz
Wann 16.09.2019 to
Wo Nürnberg
AnsprechpartnerIn Charlotte Buch, Institut für Geschichte und Ethik der Medizin, MLU Halle-Wittenberg
Teilnehmer Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen und Nachwuchswissenschaftler

Defining value in health care poses numerous empirical and normative challenges. Different methods of Health Technology Assessments (HTAs) and other forms of defining the value of health care have been established in European and other industrialized countries in recent years. There are currently initiatives to develop transnational approaches to define the benefit or value of healthcare interventions.
The interdisciplinary and international conference “Defining the Value of Medical Interventions” aims to bring together young scholars from different disciplines to discuss topics regarding defining the value of health care. There will be a focus on studies from Germany and the United Kingdom in collaboration with the ETHOX Centre, University of Oxford.

Contributions fitting one of the following three thematic sections are invited:

1. Defining value – theoretical and normative aspects
  • Ethical and legal frameworks of defining the value of health care
  • Philosophical and anthropological foundations of defining the value of health care and its impacts on healthcare systems
  • Defining the value of health care: Individual needs or standardized health care. Are explicit or implicit thresholds needed (a view of Bismarck and Beveridge type models)?
2. Approaches of defining the value of health care – national and international perspectives
  • Ethical and theoretical premises of HTAs
  • International perspectives on defining value (e.g. harmonization of HTA in the European Union)
  • Empirical methods of assessing health-related impacts and outcomes
  • Considering value in the context of value-based health care
  • Should HTAs be refined in times of personalized medicine?
3. Practices and impacts of defining the value of health care
  • Who defines the value? Bridging the gap between entrepreneurs, investors and cost payers/regulators
  • Implementing values by incentives: what can be learnt from P4P models?
  • Perspectives and participation of different stakeholders in defining the value of health care
  • Defining value in different clinical contexts (e.g. at the end of life, orphan disease)

We invite PhD students, postdocs and other researchers as well as practitioners from relevant disciplines and fields to present their research projects and discuss them with leading experts. Expenses for travel, accommodation and meals will be covered. In addition, all participants will have the opportunity to prepare a manuscript and to submit it for a peer-reviewed publication. All contributors to the publication will receive a remuneration of 300 Euro.

Abstracts (max. 500 words) along with a curriculum vitae may be submitted until 10 June 2019 via e-mail.

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