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Sie sind hier: Startseite EbM EVENTS Veranstaltungskalender 10th G-I-N Conference: "Integrating Evidence into Practice - Strategies for the future"

10th G-I-N Conference: "Integrating Evidence into Practice - Strategies for the future"

G-I-N is truly a global organization whose mission is to lead, strengthen and support collaboration and work within the guideline development, adaptation, and implementation community. The annual G-I-N Conference is a critical event for accomplishing the organization's mission.

Was Konferenz
Wann 18.08.2013 to
Wo San Francisco, California, USA
AnsprechpartnerIn G-I-N
Telefon +49 (0)30 / 4005-2501/-2504

The conference attracts colleagues from around the world who seek to further enhance their ability to develop rigorous, high-quality clinical practice guidelines with their available resources. As a result, the level of discourse from the opening plenary to the workshops, oral presentations and poster sessions, and through the closing remarks is incredibly thought-provoking and practice changing.

The G-I-N 2013 theme is, "Integrating Evidence into Practice - Strategies for the Future". The conference will be a unique venue for learning from worldwide attendees who will share their knowledge and experiences regarding guideline development, dissemination, adaptation and, especially, implementation. The opportunities to learn and grow will extend to ongoing collaborative relationships with new and old colleagues across disciplines from all over the world who share our daily challenges.

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