Introduction to Health Technology Assessment

The HTADS Program starts with a four-day course focusing on Health Technology Assessment, Health-Economic Evaluation and Outcomes Research. This introductory course covers the key elements and methods of HTA and combines lectures, discussions, case study group work, and hands-on computer lab session.

Was Workshop
Wann 02.05.2017 to
Wo Hall i.T., Österreich
AnsprechpartnerIn Caroline Steigenberger, MPH
Telefon +43 50-8648-3901
Teilnehmer The course is aimed at members of: Healthcare & health policy organizations, national HTA Agencies, Pharmaceutical & medical device industry, Academia and research institutions, Health insurances/sickness funds, Consultancy organizations
By the end of the course, participants will be familiar with:
  • HTA principles and practice
  • Methods in biostatistics, clinical epidemiology and EbM
  • Patient-relevant outcome measures
  • Critical study appraisal
  • Systematic reviews & meta-analysis
  • Economic evaluation and pricing
  • Decision-analytic modeling (+ computer tutorial)
  • Context-specific application of HTA
  • HTA from different perspectives (agency, industry, etc.)

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