Modeling Approaches for HTA: A Practical Hands-On Workshop


Was Workshop
Wann 23.04.2018 to
Wo Hall i.T., Österreich
AnsprechpartnerIn Caroline Steigenberger, MPH
Telefon +43 50-8648-3901
Teilnehmer Healthcare & health policy organizations, national HTA Agencies, Pharmaceutical & medical device industry, Academia and research institutions, Health insurances/sickness funds, Consultancy organizations
Course Description

There are a number of other modeling courses focusing on either theory or only selected modeling approaches. In contrast, our course combines theoretical concepts with practical handson exercises comprising five different modeling techniques applied in Public Health and HTA. Real world case examples from different acute and chronic diseases will be discussed.

Day 1
  • Modeling overview and taxonomy
  • Decision trees, state-transition models (Markov models) and partitioned survival models
  • Handling uncertainty and variability
Day 2
  • Microsimulation models
  • Discrete event simulation models
  • Handling individual behavior and waiting lines
Day 3
  • Infectious disease models
  • Handling dynamic transmissions and herd immunity
  • Other modeling approaches (e.g. agent-based models, system dynamics models, causal inference models, biologic systems models)

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