2. Ruhr School of Modern Epidemiology

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Was Summer School Workshop
Wann 11.07.2018 to
Wo Essen
AnsprechpartnerIn Eva Bock
Telefon +49-201-92239-253

The course is led by Charles Poole, MPH, ScD.

Course Objectives
  • Systematic review of epidemiologic literatures (observational studies, trials or both)
  • Major meta-analytic methods
  • Determining the extent, if any, to which each of these methods is indicated in the literature at hand
Main Topics and Methods
  • Defining the problem
  • Defining and searching the literature
  • Extracting results and study characteristics
  • Preparing meta-analytic data sets
  • Forest and funnel plots
  • Conducting analyses of funnel plot asymmetry, overall heterogeneity and characteristics of studies
  • Study populations by stratified and meta-regression analysis
  • Vote counting
Statistical experience and Software
  • Stata statistical package will be used to illustrate the data set preparation and computations
Application deadline: 31.05.2018, 12:00 am

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