Scientific Reporting and Writing

HTADS - Program on Health Technology Assessment & Decision Sciences: 3-Day Certified University Course

Was Workshop
Wann 07.11.2019 to
Wo Hall i.T., Österreich
AnsprechpartnerIn Caroline Steigenberger, MPH
Telefon +43 50-8648-3901
Teilnehmer The course is aimed at members of: PhD, medical and master students, researchers and lecturers in medicine and health & life sciences, Junior and senior scientific investigators, scientific working group leaders, scientists from universities, healthcare & health policy organizations, HTA agencies, healthcare industry, patient representatives, medical writers and journalists etc., members of funding agencies, reviewers and evaluators

This 3-day course will address various challenges of professional scientific reporting, writing and presenting. It includes a primer on scientific work in general and giving critical feedback to writers or presenters. Participants will be invited to submit and work on their own abstracts in preparation for the course using the online platform (blended learning) and receive personalized feedback and advice from fellow peers and course faculty. During the course, interactive lecturers will provide an overview of general writing topics. Practical exercises and online platform activities will focus on specific issues including challenges for non-native speaker scientists. Finally, course faculty with experience as journal editors will give advice on submission procedures.

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