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Webinar: Transparent reporting of health research is essential

Target audience: Health research scientists, clinicians, editors, peer reviewers, and all professionals involved in conducting, supporting or publishing health related research. Presenter: Prof Doug Altman, Director of the Centre for Statistics in Medicine in Oxford; senior statistics editor at the BMJ, co-editor-in-chief of Trials and Founder of the EQUATOR Network.

Was Seminare & Workshops
Wann 11.02.2013 to
Wo Webinar
AnsprechpartnerIn Shona Kirtley

Sound knowledge of the key principles of reporting various types of health research is crucial for researchers and professionals involved in the publication of medical research. The consequences of non-publication or selective reporting of research findings are far reaching and impact on future science and most of all on patients' care.

By documenting the most common shortcomings in the health research literature, this webinar will help you to understand why accurate reporting is an ethical imperative and an essential component of good research practice.

Deadline for registration: 6 February 2013.

To register, please email Shona Kirtley at shona.kirtley@csm.ox.ac.uk and include your name, institution/organisation, email address and country. An email confirmation (including connection and audio details) will be sent to all those who register.

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