Winter School in Clinical Epidemiology

The Winter School in Clinical Epidemiology will give you a comprehensive overview of epidemiologic principles and methods to problems encountered in public health and clinical medicine. It provides important information for clinicians and health policy makers in order to identify risk factors for diseases and to determine optimal preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for individuals and populations.

Was Winter School
Wann 20.02.2017 to
Wo Hall i.T., Österreich
AnsprechpartnerIn Caroline Steigenberger, MPH
Telefon +43 50-8648-3901
Sponsoren The course is aimed at members of Healthcare & health policy organizations, national HTA Agencies, Pharmaceutical & medical device industry, Academia and research institutions, Health insurances/sickness funds, Consultancy organizations

The course combines lectures, discussions and case study group work within its 5 days. Main lecturer of this course will be Prof. Albert Hofman – Professor of Epidemiology (Erasmus University), Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology (Harvard University). The Program covers the following subjects:

  • Public health areas and methodological approaches
  • Key epidemiological concepts
  • Determinants of disease, disease risk
  • Prognosis studies, retrospective studies
  • Treatment efficacy, clinical trials
  • Treatment safety
  • Diagnosis and decision analysis in public health and medicine

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