Besides submitting abstracts for the „inventory”, we would like to invite the network members, scientists from the fields of public health, social, economic and climate research, and activists to send us contributions on innovative analyses and ideas, creative forms of communication and implementation, which can be presented as lectures or exhibited during the conference in a “space of possibilities” and in interactive formats.

Together with keynote speakers from climate research, the WHO and politics we will discuss the aims and limits of our work to date in terms of content, methods and self-image, as well as the possibilities and opportunities for tackling the challenge together. The decisive factor is that the further development of EbM and its methods profits from the contributions, regardless of the topic.

According to the “Lancet” when the United Nations presented their Sustainable Development Goals, every crisis is also an opportunity – overcoming the climate crisis could be the greatest opportunity for global health in the 21st century.

Join us - digitally or in person - at our annual conference, which we will of course be organizing as climate-friendly as possible. We look forward to your participation and involvement.