Causal Inference for Assessing Effectiveness in Real World Data and Clinical Trials: A Practical Hands-on Workshop

5-Day Certified University Course: HTADS - Program on Health Technology Assessment & Decision Sciences
  • Wann 25.01.2021 bis 29.01.2021 (Europe/Berlin / UTC100)
  • Wo Hall in Tirol, Austria
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  • Telefon des Kontakts +43 50-8648-3901
  • Teilnehmer The course is aimed at members of: Healthcare & health policy organizations, national HTA agencies; Regulatory agencies (EMA, FDA, etc.); Pharmaceutical & medical device industry; Academia and research institutions; Health insurances/sickness funds; Consultancy organizations
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  • Introduction to Causal Inference
  • Overview of the problem (causality), causal effects of point actions and time-varying actions, directed acyclic graphs (DAGs), exercises
  • Optional: Stata Tutorial
  • Overview on causal study designs, different causal methods
  • Overview on treatment switching adjustment methods 1: naïve methods, software exercises
  • Overview on treatment switching adjustment methods 2: Inverse probability (of censoring) weighting (IPW) with marginal structural models (MSM), software exercises
  • Adjustment methods 3: Two-stage adjustment, software exercises
  • Overview on treatment switching adjustment methods 4: g-estimation with rank-preserving structural failure time models (RPSFTM), software exercises
  • Recommendations on appropriate methods
  • Optional: Course Examination

In addition, Teaching Assistants will be available for software programming exercises.


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