Introduction to Health Technology Assessment and Health Economics

3-Day Certified University Course

This course combines lectures, discussions and case study group works in the key elements and methods of Health Economics (HE), Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and Health Decision Science.


  • Key principles and practice of HE and HTA
  • Assessing health outcomes; clinical and epidemiological study types; utilities and the QALY concept
  • Assessing resource utilization and costs; economic study types (cost-effectiveness, cost-utility, cost-benefit, etc.), budget impact analysis
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis along the trial (using patient-level data)
  • Decision-analytic modelling in HE; model types (decision trees, Markov models, discrete event simulation, agent-based models)
  • Assessing uncertainty
  • Informing pricing and reimbursement decisions; league tables, ICER thresholds
  • Using real world evidence (RWE) in HE
  • Critical study appraisal
  • Good practices and guidelines for economic evaluation, (EUnetHTA, ISPOR-SMDM, CHEERS, etc.)
  • Context-specific application of economic evaluation in HTA;
  • Health Economics and HTA from different perspectives (agency, industry, decision maker etc.)
  • Breakout sessions and exercises assessing health economic publications
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