Modeling Approaches for HTA: A Practical Hands-on Workshop

3-Day Certificate Course: Decision trees - Markov models - Microsimulation models, Discrete event simulation models - Infectious disease models

The workshop combines theoretical concepts with practical hands-on exercises comprising five different modeling techniques applied in Public Health and HTA. Real-world case examples from different acute and chronic diseases will be discussed. The course covers the following subjects:

  • Modeling overview and taxonomy
  • Decision trees, state-transition models (Markov models) and partitioned survival models
  • Microsimulation models
  • Discrete event simulation models
  • Infectious disease models
  • Other modeling approaches (e.g., agent-based models, system dynamics models, causal inference models, biologic systems models)
  • Handling uncertainty and variability
  • Handling individual behavior and waiting lines
  • Handling dynamic transmissions and herd immunity
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