Summer School in Clinical Epidemiology

5-Day Certified University Course

The course is aimed at members of:

  • Healthcare & health policy organizations, national HTA Agencies
  • Pharmaceutical & medical device industry
  • Academia and research institutions
  • Health insurances/sickness funds
  • Consultancy organizations

The course covers following topics: 

  • Introduction to Public Health & Epidemiology: Overview of public health areas and methodological approaches, key epidemiological concepts, disease frequency& effect measures, study designs, bias, causal inference
  • Risk & Treatment Prognosis: Determinants of disease, disease risk, prospective cohort study, risk function, prognosis studies, retrospective cohort study, Kaplan Meier curve, Cox-regression models
  • Treatment Efficacy & Safety: Randomized clinical trial, design options, analysis of clinical trial, case-control study
  • Study Design & Diagnosis: Presentation of study design, diagnostic studies, Bayes theorem
  • Decision Analysis in Public Health & Medicine: Types of decision models, clinical decision analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis
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